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Rebecca has worked in natural resource management and environmental education for over 20 years. She was the Park Naturalist for the City of Sheboygan for 10 years, where she engaged with thousands of school children, parents, and teachers from our district and beyond.

Rebecca will work to stop the cycle of "Tax and Government Give Away" of the last 8 years. We all pay taxes to the state for services like roads and schools, only to be told: “there’s no money” to properly fund these services. In Sheboygan County, this means that we’ve held 3 school referenda and raised our county sales tax to repair local roads.

Even though many of us still struggle, the Walker administration found $3 billion for an out-of-state corporation and another $7 million to “recruit workers” to move here. Wisconsin cannot continue this race to the bottom.

Rebecca will work with businesses big and small, to create a diverse economy with family-supporting jobs. We can protect our natural resources for our children’s future while creating a thriving economy.

that matters

For 7 years, Rebecca has watched the current administration's attacks on teachers and education, the privatization of our natural resources, and the growing lack of openness in government compromise our Wisconsin values and divide our state.

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