The Future of our Education

Keep our children in mind
when you vote this upcoming November

Fight ACT 10

Eight years ago the Walker Administration told us “busting” the teachers’ unions would give school districts “tools” needed to reduce costs while upholding Wisconsin’s tradition of quality education from Pre-K through our universities. This has failed miserably, since 2013.

Rebecca Plans to:

  1. Repeal the failed ACT 10. Wisconsin has lost thousands of teachers over the past few years, and we face a desperate hiring shortage. Reducing the need for teacher certification only hurts students and does not attract greater talent.

  2. Support the Wisconsin Idea and stop the attacks on the UW System. Election year budget increases do not fill the void left by a billion dollar funding deficit for education over the past 8 years.

  3. Stop state government overreach by restricting communities' ability to raise funds for operations (tax levy restrictions).

  4. Stop defunding and/or redirecting money intended for public schools to private/charter schools that aren’t held to the same standards.

  5. Stop pretending that schools can be run like a business: they should be held accountable but can’t be viewed as a profit center.

  6. Reform the student loan process.

  7. Ensure that funding for mental health is supported for future budgets and not just in an election year. The first thing cut when schools face funding shortages are counselors and support staff.

  8. Rather than giving tax breaks to large manufacturers and large agricultural operations (which have paid no state income tax in 8 years), restore funding to our schools. This tax cut has not created an increase  in manufacturing jobs, and resorting to referendum for school funding is especially hard for our smaller and more rural districts.

  9. We need to invest in broadband internet in our rural communities. This will help schools and grow businesses as well.