Our Environment Matters

"Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land." -- Aldo Leopold

It's our responsiblity to protect our natural resources for generations to come.

Over the past 8 years, we have seen numerous attacks on our natural resources in the name of being “open for business”. This goes directly against Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine and decades of our strong conservation ethic. In the long term, much of the recent legislation could have devastating impacts on important industries like Great Lakes fisheries, deer hunting, tourism, and agriculture. Wisconsin has a proud history of being a leader in conservation, while also supporting a strong manufacturing industry. Now we are seeing deregulation that risks long-term damage to our natural resources. With Foxconn about to invade our state, now more than ever, we need legislators that will protect the natural resources vital to our families’ health. It is time for a change.

Rebecca Plans to

  1. Enact comprehensive laws protecting our groundwater and wetlands.
  2. Enforce the Great Lakes Compact.
  3. Stop state government overreach on environmental protections (eg. denying a ban on plastic bags or repealing funding for recycling programs).
  4. Work with state scientists to oversee Foxconn’s permitting process. Foxconn is seeking air permits and will emit nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, which contribute to ozone pollution. Ozone exposure can reduce lung function, cause aggravated asthma and other lung diseases. The plant will also produce particulate pollution — tiny particles that are smaller than a human hair that can cause respiratory problems, not to mention 7 million gallons of water a day from Lake Michigan. As yet, there is no clear mention of how this water will be treated and returned. Sheboygan county can ill afford any more problems with air quality, and any negative impacts to Lake Michigan
  5. would be devastating to tourism and our public health.
  6. Restore the DNR science and education staff members.
  7. Restore funding for our state parks.
  8. Require DNR department heads to have natural resource management backgrounds.
  9. Invest in renewable energy programs and research.
  10. Update the Deer Czar’s misguided recommendations for managing our deer herd.
  11. Revise NR 115 which weakens shoreline zoning regulations.
  12. Instead of going backwards towards short-term mining operations, that have long-term environmental impacts, invest in sustainable businesses that will have real staying power in their communities.