WI - the home to the Republican Party and the Progressive Movement - lets act like it

Over the last 8 years, we have seen less transparency in government, more laws passed with less public input and this has divided WI. Going door to door, we have learned we do agree on more than we disagree. We need representatives that will listen and be accountable to all voters.

Wisconsin has always been a progressive state, leading the country in creating services and programs that help all citizens. In the last 8 years, many of these programs have been decimated, leaving the middle class and working poor feeling disenfranchised. Wisconsin’s commitment to open records has existed since 1853 but the Walker Administration passed devastating legislation ending this precedent in 2015.

Rebecca Plans to

  1. Restore open meetings/open records laws.  Government should not be done behind closed doors: we should not protect those in government who abuse their power.

  2. Reinstate the federal Equal Pay Act repealed by the Walker Administration.

  3. Revise the tax structure to support working class families: the Walker Administration tax cuts don’t add up to real money in our pocket; they have resulted in less services on a local level.

  4. Revise the Voter ID Act.  Too many fought too hard for the right to vote. In this modern era, it should be easier to vote, not more confusing.

  5. Have the Assembly in Madison represent regular, working class Wisconsinites, not corporations or lobbyists.

  6. Restore funding for important women's health services.

  7. Pay our public defenders a fair wage, and have more people of color on our judiciary and police.

  8. Create a non-partisan system for the oversight of elections, election security, and election maps.

  9. Protect our dreamers. They are here, learning, working, and contributing. Their loss would be our loss.